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Welcome to - Julian's page

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My name is Julian Ladbury, and this web site supports my work as a musician and private tutor in and around Croydon and Surrey.

After studying Physics with Philosophy at Oxford University in the early 1970s I embarked on a career as an electric bass player in the jazz and popular music fields. For a few years I found myself working with more and more of the people whose records I had listened to; a great pleasure, and it seemed I was working my way up the profession. Sadly though, the monthly mortgage payments were getting harder to meet and I realised that it wasn't so much that I was on my way up as that everyone else was on the way down as the live music business gave way to disco and karaoke mania.

Time to retrain! I took a Government TOPS course in Computer Programming, and began a twenty year career in IT. As the millennium approached there were plenty of opportunities for freelance work, and I founded Berrick Computing to exploit them. Good days they were, but then came 2001 and a sudden contraction in the markets in which I operated. The mortgage was a problem once again.

Time to retrain? Not again, I thought - why put all my eggs in a new basket? So now I use all my skills in a variety of enterprises. Please use the buttons to the left to see if I can offer you my expertise.

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